The FoxPortal is both a central information hub and assistant for sales, marketing, and logistics. It processes the collected data and gives our partners insights into all customer information and fuel consumption.

The FoxPortal is designed to be customizable to the partners’ needs. As a company-wide usable data source, it’s also made for team collaboration, prevents loss of knowledge and enables a stable, data-backed growth.

How you benefit

Identify customer needs

to optimize marketing and sales efforts

Actively address customers

with relevant topics at the exact right time

Keep track

of all customer interactions

Optimize internal processes

with increased efficiency, such as improved dispatching planning

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Central hub for all solutions

The FoxInsights Ecosystem

We continuously link hardware and software products in a constantly evolving ecosystem. It collects and uses data to create a digital twin of the installed tank base.

Measure your customers’ tank level accurately and reliably from a distance with the FoxRadar level gauge!

The central information platform is your smart assistant for sales, marketing and logistics.

With the app, your customers can view all the necessary fuel data and also order directly.

Artificial intelligence derives valuable recommendations for action and enables you to be more efficient.

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