About us

What drives us is the belief in a more sustainable and efficient use of time, finances, and natural resources. We pursue to preserve what is valuable, enable focus, and ultimately make lives easier.

Big goals? For sure! But that’s what 50+ employees roll up their sleeves for each morning. We are committed to create positive impact – step by step, day by day. Yes, our work is techy and factual. But it’s also imaginative, intriguing, and captivating. And after all, it is a people business. For those people – our more than 180 partner companies across Europe as well as their tens of thousands of clients – we develop intelligent, data-driven solutions that lead to higher happiness and satisfaction as well as improved motivation.
If you’re asking yourself how IoT technology can contribute to a better working and living quality, keep on reading ‘What we do’.

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What we do

Through digitalisation and data analytics we revolutionise the sales and ordering behaviour as well as supply chains within the mobility, recycling and energy sectors. Based on smart remote tank monitoring we develop customer-oriented and measurably successful solutions that create real added value – for both our partners and their clients.

Collecting, understanding, and using tank data helps suppliers to increase their ROI and customer loyalty while facilitating sales planning and logistics. Using FoxInsights solutions enables them to identify their customers’ needs and actively address them with relevant topics at the right time. It also reduces fuel and vehicle costs in the supply chain.

For end customers the comfortable and reliable consumption overview and forecast, with automatic low-level notifications as well as simple reordering via the app, creates a hassle-free user experience. Classic win-win situation, with plenty of saved time and money on both ends. This allows more focus on other projects, open tasks, forgotten hobbies, and the beloved family – all due to smart remote tank monitoring and AI services.

Our key values

Better together.

Internally and externally.

Fast and agile.

With a long-term vision.


With a love for details.

Ideas over hierachy.

The argument counts.

Embracing change.

Always challenging the status quo.


Dedicated to sustainable innovation.

Our success story

Join us!

We are always developing new solutions for existing and upcoming markets and are therefore continously looking for dedicated master minds in all areas of the business. Join our team to help companies in the energy, mobility and recycling sectors to become more efficient – for the better of our environment.

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