Our ecosystem

Our solutions continuously link hardware and software products in a constantly evolving ecosystem.

It consists of four main elements, which collect and analyse data to create a digital twin of the installed tank base. This enables our partner to stay up to date, and actively drive the success of their business. Discover the elements here.

With the help of FoxHardware tank levels are identified digitally, remotely, daily, and reliably accurate. FoxInsights offers five models of fill level sensors based on radar, ultrasonic or pressure technology as well as the Hall effect. The required hardware is selected depending on the tank characteristics and the product to be measured. The fill level data is sent to the FoxInsights Cloud and forms the basis for our services.

Click the devices to learn more about connectivity standards, mounting options and more features of each fill level sensor.

The central information platform is your smart assistant for sales, marketing and logistics.

With the app, your customers can view all the necessary fuel data and also order directly.

Our services based on artificial intelligence support you in daily resource planning by deriving valuable recommendations for action from fill levels at the click of a mouse.