The intelligent planning support system is based on real time data and enables our partners to overcome the two key challenges of reducing operational transport costs:

  • Delivering less frequently and driving less kilometres through increasing the average tank utilisation by approx. 12% and therefore expanding the average refuelling interval
  • Optimising geographical and time-related bundling of deliveries, through breaking down standard routes and planning them according to actual needs

How you benefit


of operating costs


decision support

Early planning

of the next delivery


of the delivery route

Free capacities

in the dispatching team​

While conventional logistic tools focus on truck/order combination and route planning, the biggest potential lies much earlier in the process. The Dispatching Assistant offers a unique way of combining a data point with its consumption, the product itself as well as analysis clusters such as location and the remaining range of tanks nearby. By doing so, proposals for tanks to be delivered to are created for each day – and this 7-10 days in advance!

With analytics and artificial intelligence, suppliers are able to exploit the optimisation potential and boost their efficiency. The costs per delivered litre will decrease, operating costs can be reduced by 1/3.

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DispatchingAssistant for all solutions

The FoxInsights Ecosystem

We continuously link hardware and software products in a constantly evolving ecosystem. It collects and uses data to create a digital twin of the installed tank base.

Measure your customers’ tank level accurately and reliably from a distance with the FoxRadar level gauge!

The central information platform is your smart assistant for sales, marketing and logistics.

With the app, your customers can view all the necessary fuel data and also order directly.

Artificial intelligence derives valuable recommendations for action and enables you to be more efficient.

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