Remote fill level monitoring and intelligent tank data analysis enable our partners to save time, budget and natural resources.

Identify upcoming orders, improve dispatching planning and optimise your very own purchase decisions with LPGFox, our solution for the liquid gas sector. This enables you to run your business more efficient, whether it reduces truck kilometres, refines sales and marketing messages, or relieves your team.

  • Optimize your business operations
  • Work more efficiently
  • Reduce costs and generate additional revenue

How you benefit

Timely inputs for

Optimised delivery planning based on available tank capacities

Increased tank utilisation by approximately 12 %

Optimised stock levels and simplified purchase planning processes using real-time fill level data

Optimised purchase decisions – taking into account market price trends – through multiple stock reach scenarios

Timely inputs for proactive sales activities

Identification of upcoming customer orders with 80 % accuracy

Increased customer engagement and retention

The FoxInsights Ecosystem

We continuously link hardware and software products in a constantly evolving ecosystem. It collects and uses data to create a digital twin of the installed tank base.

Measure your customers’ tank level accurately and reliably from a distance with the FoxRadar level gauge!

The central information platform is your smart assistant for sales, marketing and logistics.

With the app, your customers can view all the necessary fuel data and also order directly.

Artificial intelligence derives valuable recommendations for action and enables you to be more efficient.

What sets us apart

  • Multiple connectivity standards and seamless coverage
  • Easy installation – mounted within 5 minutes without drilling
  • Battery life at least 5 years
  • Relevant and useful information specific to your customer segment
  • Grouping of nearby tanks
  • Customer segment specific feature packages based on your needs
  • Hardware costs already covered with subscription fee
  • Customised API options ensure continuous and agile workflows
  • Extension of existing software tools

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