We believe with a more sustainable use of our given resources, every human can contribute towards making this planet a better place. Therefore we support companies in the energy, mobility and recycling sector to optimise their business processes and resource efficiency using smart remote tank monitoring.

Our IoT based solutions and products deliver insights on client needs that enable focus and support management to assist sales and logistics staff in their strategic and operational business tasks – ultimately saving time, budget, and natural resources simultaneously. This allows you to focus on other projects, complete unfinished tasks, pick up a forgotten hobby, or spend time with family – all thanks to smart remote tank monitoring and AI services.

Higher return on invest

through optimized processes in logistics and supply chain

Increased profitability

through higher conversion rates

Improved customer loyalty

through contemporary offerings

Less churn

through digital customer interface

Stockout prevention

through structured overview and push notifications

Our smart solutions

Our Ecosystem

The FoxInsights ecosystem collects and uses data to provide a digital twin of the installed tank base. Our partners can then use this to stay up to date, and actively drive the success of their business.


With the help of our hardware devices, tank levels are accurately identified digitally, remotely, and daily. This data is sent to the FoxInsights Cloud and forms the basis of our solutions.


The FoxPortal act as both a central information hub and an assistant for sales, marketing and logistics. It processes the collected data and gives our partners insights into customer information and their according consumption.


The app gives end-customers all the information they need about tank fill levels, consumption and remaining fuel at the touch of a button. Automatic push notifications can be sent in case of low fill levels or regarding current offers to increase customer loyalty. The app also offers a simple and direct ordering system.

AI Services

Get decision support on tactical and operational planning tasks with condensed business intelligence reports.

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